Consultations are produced only by preliminary appointment

Consultation is possible at the weekend taking into account the before concerted day and time

We provide services in departure of our employees, lawyers, high qualified advocates in any of cities in Poland.

Legal accompaniment of transactions with the real estate\property in Poland

What does our company provide?

Additional Services

We offer the personal presence of the Russian-language advocate, representative of Company during negotiations with partners with possibility of departure in any of cities in Poland. The Company closely cooperates with accounting firms, helping our Clients understand the system of taxation in Poland.

Legal Assistance in Court

We represent our Clients in all judicial instances\courts. The Company's lawyers previously evaluate the documentation provided by the Client. After that, our lawyers choose correct strategic defence of the Client with minimum expenses based on the collected material in the case.

Services for Non-residents

We offer comprehensive legal accompaniment\support for non-resident companies, representative offices of foreign companies, and non-resident individuals. Additionally, we assist in obtaining permanent residence, residence permit, and Polish citizenship.

Commercial Law

The company offers a complete spectrum of services in registration of companies with different forms of entrepreneurial activity in Poland. We prepare and analyse the agreements of commercial transactions of any complication.

Education Abroad

The company organizes admission to the Polish state universities and private educational institutions, which are included in the top five Polish institutions. Advocates and lawyers of Company assist our Clients to obtain a permit residence based on studies.

Transactional real estate\Property in Poland

Many years of experience of our lawyers allows competently provide legal support for the purchase or sale of land, apartments, houses, non-residential\commercial premises, etc. in any city in Poland.


Poland is an ideal place for investment and business development . Managers of international companies consider Poland as one of the most attractive countries in Europe for realization of direct foreign investments.

Foreign investment is mainly regulated by the Law on Foreign Investment of 1991. The law determines the types of enterprises that are allowed to invest, terms of profit repatriation and earnings of foreign specialists, tax incentives for foreign investors, and also provides legal protection of foreign investments in Poland.

Recent years, interest of Russian-speaking citizens rose in acquisition of real estate in Poland. The purchase of flat, house or apartment has became not only fashionable, but also beneficial and rational, because successful investment of capital in the real estate abroad is a mortgage of success in the future. The purchased apartments can be leased out that ensure stable reception of the additional income.


"Optima est legum interpres consuetudo".

- Custom is the best interpreter of the law